Задачи: формирование ключевых компетенций, развитие исследовательской культуры, умения применять полученные знания с целью успешной социализации.
Ход урока
1. Оргмомент. Введение в языковую среду.
I had an idea and а great wish to know more about Queen Elizabeth the II, her life, her family and about the secret of her success. But I think, it will be better if we do it together. More than that, there is a reason to speak about the Queen these days. Do you know why?                                                                        
Ученики дают ответы, в случае затруднения показать на цифру 60.
2. Целеполагание и мотивация учащихся. Вызов: антиципация (предположение), мозговой штурм, кластер.
Well, you are right. Queen Elizabeth the II has been ruling the country for 60 years. (Этот юбилей отмечали в 2012 году. - Прим. ред.) So, as you have already guessed we are going to speak about the Queen. And the theme of our lesson is «Her Majesty - Queen Elizabeth the II. What is she like?». What is the aim of our lesson today? Will you help me to formulate it? OK. To do it. I want you to answer my questions. The first one is:
What have you already known about the Queen?
What words come to your mind when you pronounce - the British Queen?
Учащиеся подбирают ассоциации, составляют кластер.
Great Britain traditions  

rules the state

And what would you like to know at the lesson?
Учащиеся вносят свои предложения:
- I would like to know some information about her family and about her private life.
- It would be interesting for me to learn about her hobby.
- I“d like to know the secret of her success.
Teacher: And I also would like to know if it,s possible to become a successful woman - politician.
So, let the aim of our lesson be: to prove the hypothesis «a successful woman - politician - is possible»  through searching the Queen`s life by reading and analyzing the English texts. There are some friends here in the classroom that can easily help us to find all necessary information. According to R. Kipling they are «What? Where? When? How? Who? Why?».
3. Осмысление: инсерт (работа над текстами, маркировка).
You have some texts on your desks.
1. Take the first one, look through the text and say what it is about. You have only 1 minute.
Аbout Queen,s childhood and  her youth.   
I want you to pay special attention to the traits of her character, it will help us to answer our main question. What are they? (The princess was curious, had a splendid mind, good manners and royal dignity. From her childhood she has been interested in horse-riding and swimming). So, what kind of hobbies did she have in her childhood and what are her interests now?
На доске заполняем кластер о хобби.
Let,s check up.                                                                                                     
2. Let,s work with the second text - it,s about  Elizabeth,s family. (Her children and grandchildren). The Queen has 4 children, can you name any other ruling leaders who have the same number of children?  Well, it“s difficult to say. What are their names by the way?
She also has 8 grandchildren, the most famous are William and Harry, Prince Charles and Diana,s sons. By the way what role does her family play for her?
Family life has been an assential support to the Queen throughout her reign. Children, you have some clusters on your desks, work in groups and fill the cluster.
На столах у учащихся есть задания с кластерами. Они заполняют их самостоятельно, проверяют c помощью презентации, слайд показывает правильный ответ.
So, let,s go on. Would you like to add  some  information to our first cluster? Do, please. (Mother of 4 children, grandmother).
We continue our research. The next text is about… So, look at the heading and say what it is about. Right you are - about the coronation and the duties of the Queen.
You have only 1 minute to read the text.
Well, this time I want you to match two parts of the sentences. Work in pairs discussing and helping each other. Let,s check your answers.
На cлайдах правильные ответы.
Teacher: In spite of the fact that the Queen has only representative functions, rules but doesn,t reign, she successfully supports the authority of the British Monarchy. She has done a lot for her country and she is very popular among the British. As you have already mentioned the Queen is very hard-working and has a lot of duties. What are her duties?
Read the last text and get ready to make a short summary. You may use the following phrases:
First of all…. More than that…. I should say that… If I am not mistaken…
She has a lot of duties. Sometimes when she is tired she tries to relax reading something pleasant and funny. By the way she has likes to good sense of humour and adores funny jokes. Do you know any English jokes? They say they are very difficult to understand sometimes. You must be a real Englishman to understand it. But I“ll try to tell you one.
If you like it, you may applaud in this way - only with your fingers.
In a restaurant:
- What is there for breakfast? - Porridge, sir.
- And for lunch? - Porridge, sir.
- And what do you have for dinner? - Porridge, sir.
- And for breakfast tomorrow? - Baked pudding, sir.
- Hurray!!! - From porridge, sir.
So, we,ve learnt a lot of new information about the Queen of the UK. But I,d like to tell you that the Anthem of the country also glorifies  the Queen. The Anthem is a state song, a symbol of  the  country like the Emblem and the Flag. In our country we also have some state symbols and we respect them.Let,s listen to the music and pay attention to the words.  
God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,
God save the Queen:
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us:
God save the Queen.

Боже, храни нашу
великодушную королеву,
Да здравствует наша
благородная королева,
Боже, храни королеву:
Сделай ее победоносной,
удачливой и прославленной,
Пусть она правит над нами:
Боже, храни королеву.

Teacher: And now it,s high time to make a cinquain on the theme of our lesson. You have the schemes on your desks. Let,s create a masterpiece, work in groups.
Сinquain - синквейн:
а) о чем (ком) говорили на уроке;      
б) два прилагательных, характеризующих а);                                        
в) 3 глагола;   
г) предложение, описывающее а);
д) синоним а).                                      
Учитель помогает группам, если необходимо.
4. Рефлексия.
Do you remember the aim of our lesson? Нave we proved the statement that a successful woman - politician is a reality? (Yes, we have).
I want you to fill in the table. (См. таблицу.)
5. Итог урока. So, it,s high time to conclude. I would like you to express your attitude to the lesson and give your self-assessment. Begin with: At our lesson today I have: learnt… got new information about… found out that.
Finally, through searching the Queen,s life by reading and analyzing the English texts we have proved   the hypothesis: «a successful woman - politician - it is possible».
Юбилей ее величества в Англии отмечают как общенародный праздник. Для многих англичан день рождения королевы важнее, чем собственный. Десятки тысяч поздравительных открыток по Интернету и почте получила королева Англии. Корреспонденция согласно английской традиции выставляется для публики в одном из залов Букингемского дворца. Мы тоже можем поздравить королеву, отправив ей телеграммы. Давайте их подпишем.
Учащиеся в группах пишут поздравления на бланках телеграмм.
Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace London SW1A 1AA
6. Домашнее задание.    
Your homework will be: to tell your parents all the information you have got at the lesson about the British Queen and her family, duties and interests. Teach them how to create a cinquain and work with a cluster. Was the lesson interesting for you? Let“s applaud to each other. And I have to thank you for your good work and help.
Учитель: В честь двойного юбилея 85 пожилых британцев получили из рук королевы Елизаветы II два мешочка - красный и белый.  В белом мешочке милостыня на общую сумму, равную возрасту королевы, а в красном мешочке находится  монета достоинством в 5 фунтов стерлингов. Она выпущена  к  90-летию герцога Эдинбургского, супруга Елизаветы II,  который отметил его в июне 2011 года.
Мне тоже хочется оставить вам на память маленькие сувениры.
И еще в эти дни в Лондоне открываются выставки картин и фотографий королевы. Сегодня и в стенах школы открылась такая выставка. Я приглашаю вас в экспозиционный зал осмотреть выставку. Там же вы можете примерить на себя корону и, так же как и я, почувствовать себя королевой (королем). Добро пожаловать!  Всем удачи и приятных летних каникул.

P.S. Презентация к уроку опубликована на сайте «Учительской газеты» в разделе «Методическая кухня»: http://www.ug.ru/method_article/658.

​Светлана КРИЧЕВЦОВА, учитель английского языка средней школы №2 города Саяногорска Республики Хакасия, победитель XV Всероссийского конкурса «Сто друзей»