Оснащение урока: тексты по теме, карточки для индивидуальной и парной работы, карточки для ролевой игры, видеофрагмент, аудиозапись песни и ее текст, объявление о приеме на работу.

Ход урока.

I. Teacher: Hello, boys and girls. How are you? Would you mind listening to an English song?

Ученики слушают аудиозапись с песней Pink Floyd «Money».

Money, get away,

Get a good job with more

pay and you’re O.K.

Money, it’s gas.

Grab that cash with both

hands and make a stash.

New car, caviar,

four star daydream.

Think it’ll buy me a football team.

T.: Why do you think I played this song for you?

Ответы учеников.

T.: You quite right, today we are working on the problem «JOB HUNTING». As you are in the 10th form I guess you are planning to enter some university. But if you dream of a successful career you should remember that it takes more than just higher education. They say it’s much more difficult to get a well-paid job. Do you share my opinion? Is this problem vital in Russia?

Ответы учеников.

T.: I hope our lessons today will give you some hints as to how to cope with this problem.

II. a) T.: By the way, what are the highest paid spheres of labour in Russia?

Ответы учеников.

b) T.: Well, I can’t but agree with you that business and administration are the best paid spheres of labour in Russia nowadays. Look at the blackboard and read the following quotations which can serve you as guiding lines for reaching success in business. Choose the one you like, remember it, say it and explain why you appreciate it.

Ответы учеников.

III. Профориентация учащихся, привлечение специальной лексики.

A) T.: Today we are speaking about the most common jobs employed in a company. They are a manager, a secretary, a sales agent, an accountant, a computer operator. Let’s see if you have a right idea about what these people do. Look at the cards and say whether these professional duties correspond the following positions.

b) T.: Look. The adjectives on these cards characterize the professional features of a manager, a secretary, an accountant, a sales agent, a computer operator. Choose a number of most necessary characteristics for each profession. Which of them is the most required in each case? Why?

Ответы учеников.

c) T.: Suppose you are organizing a company. Divide the above-mentioned positions between the members of your group. Don’t forget to find a psychologically appropriate job for yourself. Explain your choice.

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IV. Знакомство с процедурой приема на работу.

a) Правила поведения ищущего работу.

T.: Now that you’ve made your choice, imagine that you are looking for one of these jobs. What are you going to undertake?

Ответы учеников.

T.: With your permission I’d like to introduce some hints for Job Seekers. Decide in pairs what you should and what you should not do when you are looking for a job.

Работа с карточками для парной работы.

Fill in «Do» or «Don’t»

...pay little attention to your own appearance.

...apply for a job in person.

...show yourself one who can do everything.

...let as many people as possible know you are «job hunting».

...mention any experience you have which is relevant to the job.

...try to be optimistic in your attitude.

...try to overcome nervousness.

...answer questions honestly.

...apologize for your age.

...speak in a low voice.

...learn ahead of time about the company and its product.

...assume an air of confidence.

...think a lot before answering a question.

...escape testing.

...arrive a little late.

...behave as a «know it all».

...write incorrect information about yourself to look better.

...approach the employer with respectful dignity.

T.: Stick to the blackboard the instruction you would certainly follow!

b) T.: Watch a video fragment and say what helped Miss Yardley get a good job.

Did she follow any hints mentioned above?

Ответы учеников.

c) T.: Let’s come to the regular procedure of getting a job. Read the text on the topic and find answers to the questions on the blackboard.

What is the usual way of recruitment to a big prosperous company?

What do employers want to learn before they hire a person?

Ответы учеников.

V. Тренировка умений и навыков ведения диалога по теме «Прием на работу».

T.: And now let’s role-play your visit of the Company Human Resources Department (recruitment agency). Here’s an announcement of vacant positions. Tear a card with a part for yourself.

Recruitment agent - get truthful information about the name, age, education of the applicant, his former job, knowledge of foreign languages, reasons to change working place, ask if he can present a record of former employment, request him (her) to fill up an application form and resume, arrange an appointment in a week’s time.

Mr. Blake, 40

Commercial manager

Fast Food Restaurants

Knows French and Spanish very well

Mr. McDonnel, 28

Sales agent

Lincoln Trade Center

Speaks Spanish and Italian fluently

Mrs. Wriggs, 31

Computer operator

Economy Department, Freeman and Nash,

Can read French

Mr. Gurevitch, 31


National Trust Fund

Speaks Russian perfectly

Can communicate in German as well

Miss Zhu Chen, 19

Reception secretary

Municipal Department of Public Relations

Perfect Chinese, can communicate in Japanese to a certain extent

Учитель комментирует каждый диалог.

VI. Знакомство с правилами оформления сопроводительного письма.

а) T.: Read a newspaper advertisement and a letter of application connected with it.

Be ready to answer my questions concerning them.

1) What position is Miranda Collins interested in?

2) Does she want to work abroad?

3) What was her previous place of work?

4) What did she develop there?

5) For how long did she manage the sales network?

6) Whom did she inform of her application for a new job?

7) When is she going to leave her present place of work?

b) T.: Take down the rules of compiling a letter of application.

The letter of application normally contains four parts in which you should:

- Confirm that you wish to get the job and say where you learned about the vacancy;

- Say why you are interested in this position and your interests are the same as those of the company;

- Show that you can contribute to the job by highlighting your skills and experience;

- Indicate your willingness to attend an interview (and possibly say when you would be free to attend).

VII. Homework: write your own letter of application.

Cледующий урок.

Take down the plan of a resume.

1. Attract attention.

2. Create a positive impression.

3. Present your skills and qualities clearly and precisely.

Put down the resume writing tips.

1. Use concise language.

2. Minimize or omit everything that is unimportant.

3. Place the most significant information at the beginning of your resume.

4. There must be no grammatical errors in your resume.

5. Let an experienced person read your resume.

6. Print your resume on good paper.

Ann Jackson decided to apply for a job in the «Future Gmbh.» firm.

Read her resume and be ready to answer my questions on the resume.

1. What is a resume?

2. What should be mentioned in a good resume?

3. What are the rules of resume writing?

4. What job has Ann Jackson today?

5. Name the educational establishments that Ann Jackson has graduated.

6. What is Ann Jackson’s profession?

7. What languages can she speak?

8. Can she work on a computer?

Homework: Write your resume, according to the following plan:

1. Personal Details.

2. Education.

3. Professional Experience.

4. Skills.



5. Activities.

6. References.

Подведение итогов урока.

Оформление доски:

1 столбец





Health protection







2 столбец

Success in Business

«Business is like riding a bicycle. Either you

keep moving or you fall down.»

(John David Wright)

«Pessimism never won any battle»

(Dwight D. Eisenhower)

«Opportunities are often things you

haven’t noticed the first time around.»

(Catherine Deneuve)

«In business you don’t get what you

deserve, you get what you negotiate.»

(Dr. Chester)

3 столбец

What is the usual

way of recruitment

to a big prosperous


What do employers

want to learn

before they hire a



Accountant monitors cashflow

prepares regular financial statements

writes reports

Secretary receives mail

operates the computer

writes telexes, faxes, letters

welcomes visitors

answers telephone

Manager offers and sells goods

makes business trips

discusses prices, terms of payment and delivery

writes reports

Computer operator meets business partners, customers

inspects the work of various departments

takes ultimate decisions

signs contracts

makes appointments

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